Friday, January 9, 2009

Custom Coruscant Guard Helmet

The Mandalorian Arsenal is proud to introduce the first in a line of custom, scratch-built Star Wars helmets!

First up is the long-awaited Coruscant Guard.

Based on the Luke Skywalker figure created as a tie-in for the Shadows of the Empire EU novel and game, this helmet is a 1:1 scale.

Click here for the build thread at the Mandalorian Mercs website.

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetites...

Aside from a few "holes" that will be filled prior to casting, this is the finished product.

As of January 9, 2009, no copies have been made, but a run is in the works. If you would like a copy of this helmet, email me at

Pricing is as follows:

1) Raw - $200 - a basic out-of-the-mold pull with no cleaning, trimming, or visor.
2) Cleaned - $250 - trimmed and primed, but no visor
3) Completed - $275 - finished paint with a visor cut to shape and included, but not installed.

I'm leaving the visor installation to the buyer in case they wish to customize with weathering.

I will also update this posting with pictured of the casts once they are made.

Thanks for looking and be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming McQuarrie Concept Fett and Death Watch helmets!